The Top 10 Largest Asteroids

Vesta is the second most massive asteroid in the asteroid belt.


Vesta Diameter: 329 miles

Pallas is one of the most heavily cratered asteroids in our solar system.


Pallas  Diameter: 340 miles

Hygiea is the fourth largest asteroid and may be considered a dwarf planet.


Hygiea Diameter: 326 miles

Europa is rich in minerals and has an irregular shape due to its violent history.


Europa Diameter: 315 miles

Davida is named after the Belgian astronomer Adolphe Quetelet.


Davida Diameter: 196 miles

Interamnia is one of the most spherical asteroids in the main asteroid belt.


Interamnia Diameter: 244 miles

Eunomia is the largest member of the Eunomia family of asteroids.


Eunomia Diameter: 170 miles

Juno is one of the brightest asteroids and has a complex, irregular shape.


Juno Diameter: 150 miles

Cybele is part of the Cybele group of asteroids and has a dark, carbon-rich surface.


Cybele Diameter: 140 miles

Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt and is classified as a dwarf planet.


Ceres Diameter: 590 miles

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