Lesser Known Facts about Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap, a brave warrior from Mewar, fought hard for his kingdom's honour.


The Journey Begins

Pratap refused to surrender to Mughal Emperor Akbar, even when outnumbered by the enemy.


Against All Odds

Pratap always put Mewar first, staying true to his kingdom and never betraying its trust.


Loyalty Above All

Maharana Pratap's horse riding skills were exceptional, and his loyal steed, Chetak, saved his life.


Master on Horseback

Pratap showed unmatched bravery in the Battle of Haldighati, displaying his unwavering spirit and clever tactics.


Unstoppable Warrior

Maharana Pratap was a skilled strategist, using resourceful tactics against the powerful Mughals.


Wise General

Even during his exile, Pratap never stopped fighting for freedom, never losing sight of his ultimate goal.


Never Giving Up

Maharana Pratap showed respect and fairness even to his enemies, upholding chivalry and noble values.


A Man of Honor

Pratap encouraged art and culture in his kingdom, promoting artists and scholars.


Supporter of Arts

The image of Maharana Pratap with a broken sword represents his bravery and indomitable spirit.


Symbol of Courage

Even after his death, Maharana Pratap's story continues to inspire, reminding us to fight for what we believe in.


Inspiring Legacy

Let's honor Maharana Pratap's memory, a true symbol of valor and sacrifice, whose bravery still inspires us today.


Remembering the Great Warrior

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