Daily Current Affairs 06-06-2023

10. NIRF stands for

– National institutional ranking framework

09. Which one of these is not the parameters considered by NIRF for ranking institutions?

– Casual practice

1. Perception 2. Teacher learning and resources 3. Casual practice I4. nclusivity and outreach

08. The government of which state launched the K-FON program that aims at providing universal coverage of the internet?

– Kerala

07. Where are the Special Olympics being held in 2023? 

– Berlin

06. Which government launched the MCD app for geotagging of property?

– Delhi

05. Kathakali originated at which of the following places?

– Travancore

1. Travancore 2. Chennai 3. Mysuru 4. Junagadh

04. Which of the following places is the lavender capital of India?

– Bhaderwah

1. Bhaderwah 2. Kashmir 3. Doda 4. Kishtwar

03. Gufi Paintal was famous for which role in the Mahabharata series of Indian television?

– Shakuni

02. How many members are representing India at the Special Olympics?

– 255

01. The government is thinking of setting up salt-cavern-based strategic reserves at which place?

– Rajasthan